Dog Crate Options in the Market


There are hundreds of dog crates available in the market. Remember that the dog crate will be the home for your dog as you try to pick one. If you want to find the ideal crate for your dog that meets your preference, do not be rush when buying the dog crate. This is the same with what you do when you are buying a new home for your family.

The size of your pet would affect the ideal size for the dog crate. Since your puppy is growing fast, you can get a dog crate with a divider so your dog can stay on the right size of room. You have to make sure that your pet can turn around inside the crate and can stand comfortably. These are the dog crates you can choose from for your pet.

One type of dog crate at available is a durable solid plastic crate with openings on top. Traveling would require a proper air flow. Sturdy crates protect them in case of accidents. The door is designed to be operated one handed with a secured latch. You will not struggling while cleaning the plastic crate. Unfortunately, plastic dog crates have disadvantages. Some of them take a lot of space since they cannot be taken apart. The top opening of the crate limits the vision of the dog.

Two types of dog crates are similar; aluminum and wire crates. For the aluminum crates, there are folding and fixed models. These crates are very light. They are durable and rust resistant. Heavy wire crates are usually folded when not in used. The airflow as well as the vision is optimum with these crates. They are used in all purposes including breeding, veterinary and permanent house. If needed, pads and covers are available for these crates. Dog shows often use these crates as the audience can see the different dog participants. To know more about dogs, visit

Another type of crate is called soft dog crate which weigh very little and can be folded. The airflow is good along with the vision while increase the sense of security for the pet. Dogs that chew or dig are not suitable for this type of crate. This is also not ideal for travel. Soft crates work similar to dog tents. With lighter and lesser space required, dog tents have become increasingly popular. With very little space needed, even the smallest vehicle can conveniently transport this crate and easy to carry during hiking or camping. Do not use soft crates or dog tents for puppies. Know what size crate for my dog here!

Make sure to know all the available types of dog crates and see which one is ideal for your dog at home or travel. Familiarize with the strengths and weaknesses of each dog crate so you know which to pick.


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